Sunday, April 1, 2018

I'm gonna try to pull cyberpunk off : Worldbuilding + other stuff

Happy Easter! I know Easter is also April 1 but I won't be making any jokes, well, no pranks ,that is.
February was kind of blerh for me and only the start of March became better and I've also been slightly lazy so no updates were made. I wasn't into games or anything at all. Finished reading one book, however.
Recently I stopped being creatively lazy and that's what I'll be writing about.
I'm thinking of creating a new story. Yeah, I already have one half-baked not-story and I'm tackling a new project. This new project is supposed to be a short story with a small cast and a more or less simple formula.
Well, as simple as cyberpunk gets.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Exploring the Crystal Desert : GW2

I picked up GW2 again recently and have been thoroughly exploring the Crystal Desert maps and doing collections and bounties. I finished the collection for the Deadeye rifle and the Mirage axe. Mirage is very fun to play and I'm surprised how being melee goes well for me.

I also finished the collections for the Palawa Joko and Sunspear banners, currently I'm working on the banner for Independent Amnoon. I don't have Ascended backpieces at all because they're usually a pain in the ass to get (I never got Mawdrey... does anyone remember Mawdrey? I wanted to but I was like a year too late). The only annoying part is bounty hunting, especially since people do bounty runs in the evening and then you gotta get lucky and get the one you need. Though the more bounties you get the closer you get to an achievement, which is good. That said I recently crossed the 7000 Achievement Points line. I'm not much of an Achievement hunter.

Anyways, let's have some fun pictures.

While waiting for a bounty hunt to start I met Fujoshi chan! :D

Thursday, February 1, 2018

20 questions about OCs : Original

I found an original character questionnaire so I filled it out. Originally it's meant to be a twitter meme where 1 like = 1 answer but I don't have the audience so I'm making my own content. 😊

Friday, January 12, 2018

To Kill a God : Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire

So, the other day I booted up GW2 and finished the main story line for Path of Fire. Took me some time, huh?

Really like the design of this marshal.
Story wise Path of Fire was better than Living Story Season 3, though I took a long break so I sort of forgot what was going on. Overall I liked it and I'm interested what Living Story Season 4 will bring (I started it but haven't got far). I'm extra excited to find out what will happen to Kralkatorrik and how balance will be returned to Tyria.

He watches....
What I like most about Path of Fire is that they returned to what Guild Wars 2 is about - exploration. Heart of Thorns was difficult for two reasons:
1) most maps had an overarching meta event and many areas were closed off if you weren't participating (and since they're group events good luck going there alone);
2) the maps were generally "vertical" since the glider was introduced, I personally hate navigating via glider.

The Crystal Desert seems much more welcoming, I mean, I finished Crystal Oasis Map Completion on my own, no stupid Hero Points with Champion movs, no meta events. Good.
Also the mounts are very fun and make exploring easier since you move around faster and it's easier to plan your moves with a mount than mid glide while you're descending. I'm really not good at fast-paced real time strategies, I'm more of a turn based person!
That said I hate timed achievements and just achievement hunting in general. Maybe I'll find someone to aid me with them.

As for new specializations:
I'm a bit sad you can't have two elite specs on at the same time since I enjoy Daredevil's staff for the melee, though Deadeye seems pretty nice too but I need to learn it.
Haven't tried weaver, I'm now doing the story a second time with my elementalist to unlock Crystal Desert maps and the Weaver specialization and such. Will try to get the collections for the specialization weapons. Maybe.
Also need to get the Jackal and Griffon mounts.

Overall I'd give Path of Fire a solid 7/10.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Pets : The Sims 4

So, the Pets expansion pack came out for the Sims 4 and I bought it as a nameday gift for myself in November. Shoulda waited until Christmas when there was a 50% sale... oh well!

Anyways, it's quite fun. It's a shame you can't really "control" the pet or see their needs in the UI like in previous Sims games.

My first pet was a cat because naturally cats are easier to take care of. Since I put them in ready-made families I adopted them. This is Sebastian and his cat. This kitty looks pissed all the time and it's very typical for cats.

And yeah I let the cat jump on counters, tables etc. In games it doesn't bother me, in real life the cat usually isn't allowed on some tables. Ironically the cat got "stuck" because it jumped on the fridge but couldn't get down because the counter had a coffee machine on it. Had to put the coffee machine on another counter so the cat could get down. So that's a thing.

Room Intruder : Dream Diary

Happy New Year (and Merry Christmas...). This will be my first blog post of 2018. Exciting! As you can see, I've created a new tag - dream diary, which will chronicle my dreams. Not related to the game Yume Nikki in any way (naturally any true weeb wouldn't translate the name anyways).

Just a warning - I don't blog a lot anyways and this particular tag will mostly likely will be the least populated because I remember my dreams very rarely. As far as I know I don't have any mental problem, just very deep sleep I suppose. That's why I feel it's important to write out my dreams when I do remember them, since there are some reoccurring themes that are very interesting to me. 

Anyways, dream under the cut.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Golaure: Neopets, furries, other weird stuff

So, I haven't updated in a while, since I haven't been playing much games or anything else. I'm busy with school, the semester is coming to an end so I decided, in between final projects and exams, I'll revive this blog by writing about a character of mine.

This time I will write about Golaure Alistair Foxglove, who is one of the many characters who has a fairly odd history.

It all begins about a year or two ago, when I relapsed into one of the more unlikely hobbies: Neopets. My main account was several years old and I realized I could play a gambling game, Food Club, and earn a pretty penny. Eventually I accumulated several million neopoints, which is a lot, and bought paint brushes to change the colors of my pets.

I also got into other old accounts and adopted a bunch of pets. One of them was a Kacheek named golaure444416. As you can see, the name is pretty "ugly" for Neopets standards. I just thought he was cute so didn't care. Looked up what golaure meant, never found anything in any language, I honestly think it's some keysmash.