Saturday, December 9, 2017

Golaure: Neopets, furries, other weird stuff

So, I haven't updated in a while, since I haven't been playing much games or anything else. I'm busy with school, the semester is coming to an end so I decided, in between final projects and exams, I'll revive this blog by writing about a character of mine.

This time I will write about Golaure Alistair Foxglove, who is one of the many characters who has a fairly odd history.

It all begins about a year or two ago, when I relapsed into one of the more unlikely hobbies: Neopets. My main account was several years old and I realized I could play a gambling game, Food Club, and earn a pretty penny. Eventually I accumulated several million neopoints, which is a lot, and bought paint brushes to change the colors of my pets.

I also got into other old accounts and adopted a bunch of pets. One of them was a Kacheek named golaure444416. As you can see, the name is pretty "ugly" for Neopets standards. I just thought he was cute so didn't care. Looked up what golaure meant, never found anything in any language, I honestly think it's some keysmash.

This is what he looks like - a biscuit kacheek. The background and clothes are accessories I got later. In general I was scouring the Pound for abandoned special colored pets to adopt. I didn't care about the names. I wasn't going to talk to other people and try to show off the prettiest and shiniest pet, I was just hoarding those I found cute. Eventually I started drawing Gola.

This is one of the first drawings of him. As you can see, I went for the gamer-boy trope.
Another drawing - he was initially a typical nerd: shy and slightly awkward.

Then I created another pet, this time from scratch, Aleiki:

A fairy draik. I had always wanted a fairy pet and a draik, both are quite rare things. Of course the pre-customization pets are regarded as "better" but whatever. I just wanted to fulfill my childhood neopets dream!

Anyways, this followed some more art:

A very buff dragon.

Eventually I started shipping the two. I didn't draw too much art. As always, my obsessions are fleeting. That, and I realized I probably shouldn't draw racy art of a kiddie site's pixel pets (even though there is an adult community and there's always lewds of everything but I digress). I just decided to morph Aleiki and Gola into fully fledged separate OCs, which happens with me often...

I redesigned Gola into a chinchilla, since chinchillas seemed the most like kacheeks. He still kept the gamer aesthetic and the kacheek colorscheme. Honestly, looking back now, I should have just made him all pink.

I adjusted Aleiki's design too, I essentially turned him into an "angel dragon", I remember I actually wanted to base his design off archaeopteryx - a feathered dinosaur. Of course I never drew a full reference. I still like Aleiki's design, I might work with the anthro stuff some more. Might.

This was the last drawing of Aleiki and Gola together... as anthros. I had a brief anthro/furry period in my art, then I got tired of that too and went back to humans. Drawing anthros is a fun niche, however, though the fandom is quite peculiar and not with the best of reputation.

This is the first drawing of human Golaure. I kept the pink hair, gave him green eyes (I think his eye color changed a bit, now it's blue because his natural hair is blonde so he's a typical blonde). 
His full name is Golaure Alistair Foxglove - I gave him a "normal" middle name, but most people call him Gola. It's an in-universe joke that Golaure is a unisex name so people sometimes assume he's the fourth girl. It's important when he meets Aleiki, since Al wasn't expecting a guy to show up. I won't reveal too much of that storyline, however!

Here's a sketch where Gola interacts with other OCs - Sela (girl in middle) and Sofiya (girl with ponytail). This is the inception of my current Highschooler Gang.

Here's Gola and his girl-friends in swimwear. Yes, feminine gay boy with a girl squad, I know I can't get more typical. :D

By the time Gola managed to get a whole squad of friends, Aleiki was first morphed into a human. As you can see, the only thing references from his dragon form is the blue beads in his hair. His full name is Aleiki Kusuma. He should have a tattoo drawn on him but I'm really bad at designing tattoos, so it has yet to appear. It entirely colors his upper body and shows a design of a dragon.

In my story both Al and Gola are side characters who are part of a side plot. Obviously, they still get together and their plots intertwine but how that happens won't be revealed!

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